Grace in Unfair… but very beautiful.


He was gay, he tried explaining why, they didn’t listen. They judged him!

I hate homosexuality.

She told them how she struggled with porn, she was reaching out for help, a smirk on her friend’s faces as they giggled, then said, “we’ll pray about it”

I hate pornography too,

He misused funds for the new church hall, I rushed to the radio to shame him, I knew him,  but he was just beyond saving now.

You know well enough I hate stealing also.

She said she won’t hold it till 9 months, 3 had been treacherous enough, the neighbours’ would also start asking questions soon enough…

I hate abortion.

He divorced his wife on claims she cheated on her, claims I didn’t verify,  but the lad looks like him, so she’ll raise his son, and maybe, just maybe she’ll teach him to be a man.

I hate divorce.

I hate homosexuality because it’s a lie, it’s self-ish.
I love God because He loves people with homosexuality problems,

I hate pornography too, because it perverts God’s good intentions, and it’s selfish.

I love God because He is still a father to those with porn addictions,
I hate stealing, it robs of other’s hard work. It’s selfish also.

I love God because He still saves thieves, and dines with them,
I hate abortion, it denies God’s gift of life to be passed on. It’s also very selfish.

I love God, because He still loves and cares for those who abort as those who nurture life.
I hate divorce, God hate’s it too, you guessed right it’s also selfish.
I love God, because He still embrace the divorced as much as the married!

I hate these things,
But I love God,
I love that God is not selfish.

I love that His acts of goodness are drawn from Himself and not what we do.

Yeah so grace is unfair! That’s the beauty of it.

Your grace is sufficient for me, so whenever I feel as if I am getting the short end of the stick, help me, to love how you love, to love like You do. To be patient with a friend who came late, even though I put effort into coming early.

The beauty of grace is that it is unfair, and it should be extended to others.
I know I haven’t extended grace to all those who I should have extended it to. I know I thought selfishly, they didn’t deserve it. But hey, no one deserves it, you, me, him…. We all don’t but He still extends it to us.

Irresistible grace is not that we can’t resist, we can and we do, the point is that when God chooses He overcomes our resistance and restores in us a submissive spirit, and this submissive spirit extends grace to those who don’t deserve, selflessly and deliberately. In the end we find ourselves falling on our faces before the Lord with trembling joy, thanking Him for His grace, unknowingly, point others to the Saviour.



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