Forgive Me

Forgive me,
For the times i never saw you as enough,
When i believed you seemed enough,
But apparently wasn’t enough.

For the times i’d flee
Your sufficiency
And seek vain pursuits
In the name of self gratification

Forgive me,
When my faith was fickle and shriveled in trial,
The times i failed to believe you
When you came through,
And my doubts held back;
My acknowledgement of you as powerful,

When you forgave me,
But my sin wouldn’t
Glorify you as my Saviour;
When you came healed me,
But my fear of death
With-held my praise to You as healer

I became Nicodemus,
Believed you were from God,
And God was with you,
But with the most of Him,
Refused to agree that you were God!

The depths of my hearts believes,
Anchor of my soul,
You reign, are wonderful and true,
Faithful merciful
In true and full measure

I believe you are healer,
Even if pain engulfs me,
Am certain you are my Saviour,
Master, Protector,
My Father

The depths of me believes this,
Even when i don’t act like it,
When i don’t measure up,
I find this to be true…
Forgive me…


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