Just for Words!

What if the cross is not as beautiful?
What if the death of Your son,
Rarely draws me to it?
What if…

What if my joy is not His?
I just want to be with you!
Take me deeper,
My hearts cries,
And our souls running the opposite vector

What if the loaves didn’t fill?
What if the musings in my head,
Of a pagan mind and an atheist heart
Are just but resentment towards You?
An answer to the where were You’s?
To why you didn’ts?
And when would you show up’s?

What if the hurt I harbour,
And dreams I dream are meagre
Extensions of my selfishness
And lack of stillness thereof,
What if..


What if?
The cold feet I have
The ones I constantly peg on this world
Less people who care,
Less who love me for who I am…

What if this gay thoughts I harbour,
A fair tolerance to sexual immorality,
Are selfishness and emptiness
And choice I scream
The world should give me a choice,
What if I love this chains
You so want to relieve me

Why is it, they call you fairer?
Perhaps they have seen not any beauty,
Perhaps, am not certain, perhaps! Just perhaps
Or this words etched in my mind
Is simple elementary poetry,
Of a beauty I often relate to,
Rather than this they perceive!

What if the cross, is just a wooden tree?
Not perfect carpentry,
Imperfect edges, rugged edges…
What if the death of Your son,
No longer pierces my heart,
What if my prayers never form,
Left as meagre ideas, gasping for life,
And I seemly keep chocking it out of them!

What if all I long for, was to feel fathered?
A captivated heart,
Peace-overflowing heart…
What if that was the case?

Would I still find you in the same sentence with Sufficiency?
Would I still see you besides the abode of truth?
Would your words sway comfortably alongside love?
Would you and beauty walk hand in hand without seeming amiss?

Maybe I have forgotten how faintly you swept me away?
May be I have forgotten maybe I no longer see,
How your eyes are filled with love for me!
Or could it be it’s me who doesn’t see?

But here I am,
Amongst Your loved ones,
A symphony of saints singing spiritual songs,
Your people, who call you Fairest,
Lord, King, Beautiful Saviour
And pour praise on You…

So I join in their sentiments,
Not meaning any of it,
Not feeling this vibe, if at all it is a one:
I will swim along their words,
And rest my heart on it,
Just for the words,
Just for the words,
Just for the words to all make sense

You’ll make me lie in green pastures,
You’ll leave me wanting for nothing,
Just for the words
Just for the words,
At some time,
To all make sense…

The Gospel teaches us how to live, But it also rescues us when we fail to live the way we are supposed to.jpg

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