The Greatest Fight: CONTINUES

The greatest fight,
Born of Sovereignty,

Since creation began,

Through it a recreation is being done!


The greatest fight is not done.

The greatest fighter,

Was crowned,

With thorns,

And gloves of nails;


The greatest fighter was belittled

“King of the Jews” on His head,

The greatest battle was free,

It had a rare audience that condemned!
A battle announced in poetry,

And still continues in prophecy!
The greatest battle is resurrected in us as we die to self every single day!


Symphony and saints,

Saints singing spiritual songs,

The greatest battle was heard in song,

Not these mere victory chants,

The greatest battle was selfless!

May we never think less of what that small victory achieved!

The greatest fight still continues,

Deep in the night battling cancer,

Early in the morning against unbelief,

The battle for survival continues,

Those hoping for their friends retrieval,

In spring and when it shines,

In birth and death, the battle will continue.

When the earth is shaken off its hinges, the battle continues…

For those in this battle keep fighting,
Those on the sidelines stop cheering them on,
Join the fight, for those wearing out,

Be refreshed that we fight from Victory.
For those burdened, we fight in victory,

For those drained we fight in Victory,

The greatest fight begins each day till we are crowned,
The greatest fight continues till we are Home!

Fellow soldiers in faith, Fellow saints in Faith!
Whatever you do, don’t stop fighting.
#RandomManenos #KeepFighting #CheerfulOne

Grace and Peace.


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