Overloaded Christians

My sister writes, and she had these to say, stay blessed as you always are…

For a while now I have withdrawn myself from this world, family and anything you can think of. Personally  speaking am not that social or something close to that but when it comes to the people I love, I will possibly   cross the ocean for them irrespective of  how many sharks  there  are.

I  am  a  Christian  ,  not  a  saint on the  path  of  becoming  one.  Am  the  type  of  person  who will  do  anything  for  Christ, go out of my way for Him just to make sure that He smiles, God is my Father, Christ is my elder brother and  am the  child here. Children are born to please their father and their elder brothers. My intentions in this world is to live right and do  what God Christ expects from me.  It’s hard most of the time, but hey tell me what should I do?

Being a born again, a Christian, puts us on the spot, right? It puts us on the spotlight. People expect you and always will expect you to behave in a certain way, live in a certain way and even eat at  a certain way (gosh if only it were possible).  But at  the end  of  the day I  question  my  conscience  and  ask  who  am  I?  What impact do I have  in  this world?  Am I living right?  Is  this  the  kind of  life  God  intends  me  to  live?

Many of us  especially  those  young  as I  have  dreams   ,  hopes  and  the  likes.  There  is  a form  of  expectation  we  set  for  ourselves  unfortunately  when  we  don’t  achieve  what  was intended  we  lose  it.  I am a victim, I will not deny.  There  are  times  I  look  at  myself  and  think  am  worthless,  I  have  no  value  whatsoever,  no  one  really  gets  to  understand  me.  Am  the  type  of girl  who  locks  herself  out  and  faces her   demons,   but  most  times I  break  and  fall  into  small  pieces  .

As  a  Christian  who  has been  born  again  for  nearly  12  years  ,  I  kind  of  think  that  God  should have  blessed  me  with  more  blessings  than  the  few  blessings  I  have  now –  you  get .  my  mind  has  come to  control  me  to  believe  that  my prayers  are  to  be  answered  immediately .After all  I  have  served  God  for more  than  a  decade ,  when I  ask  for  this  ,  God  should  be  able to  provide  pap- you  know.  Ever  had  such  a  mindset or  am  I  the only  human  being  who  feels  that  way.

*by  now  I  believe  you  have  a  description  of  who  I  am ,  it  could  be  positive  it  could  be  negative. Regardless of  what  you  think  of  me,   keep  that  thought

At  the  beginning of  the  year  I  was  in a mess  you know.  I  kept  to  myself,  smiled  when  everyone  smiled  but  at the  end  of  the  day  ,  I  did  confide  in  my  pillow.  I was physically, emotionally and  even  spiritually  broken.  I felt empty.  I  once  recall   telling  a  friend  of  mine  that  God  doesn’t  exist.  From  a  far  I  could  see  my  life  breaking  into  pieces  yet  out  of  all  the  friends  I  knew  no  one  was ready  to  help  me  pick the  pieces .  don’t  get  me wrong  I  don’t blame  them  for  not  helping  me ,  I  blame  myself  and  my  acting.   Even  as  I  write  this  I  personally  feel  as  though  God  owes  me  a lot and  when  I  mean  a lot  I  mean a lot .


How many of you can relate to the above scenarios , if not kindly shut your computer and get something to do #forreal.

Proverbs 16:1- to a man belongs to the plans of the heart but from the Lord comes the reply of the tongue. Do you at times find your earthly parents unfair when they fail (for lack of a better word) to give you what you request from them? If this happens, then you are a real human being. There are times we feel as though God is unfair to us but at the end of the day, proverbs 16:1 speaks. Are your motives right when you ask Christ to give you what you asked for. How heavy or empty is your heart when you go before God.

Are you the type of Christian who goes before God with conditions? I used to do that and sometimes, I still do and I don’t think it’s fair enough. If you are the kind of person who does the above kindly STOP! God can do without you but you can’t do without God.

Life is beautiful when you let God deal with your life but life becomes empty when you control God. He is neither a respecter of person nor does he have favorites, but when you touch God’s heart, believe you me you will be like David. Let me tell you something, when you STOP to question yourself by what is not or what  is  happening in your life – favor of the Lord falls on you like rain. When you overload yourself with unnecessary things and let Jesus take the wheel you become a better Christian. Keep this in mind overloaded Christians  fail because they don’t have space for additional blessings, drop the baggage and let God move in your life.

Dear women, is the husband you are seeking from God or is he the one you see

Dear men, is the wife you are looking for so lost in Christ that she sometimes forgets to call you but doesn’t forget to kneel and pray for you each single day of her life.

Let me not bore you with unnecessary issues of my life but, this  is my parting shot, If you are a Christian and you are surviving in this world, babe, cut the chase, this is not your portion.


Fall in love with her blog here.. https://boobykizzy.wordpress.com/


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