Everytime I See A Bottled Man…


Everytime i see a drunk man,
I see, but I see faintly,
Scantily dressed crates,
Naked and stripped bottle,
I see,
Through this dark;
Dim coloured bottle,

So I remenise of the crate,
Everytime i see a drunk man,
Not longing, not thirsty,
Satisfying fill!

See, I long for the evening,
Everytime i see the bottle,
I tend to detest paydays,
But somehow long for it!

So when I see a drank man,
I see a man,
I see a bottle,
I see an empty bottle,
And i fear…

Fear in footsteps,
Escorts, escorts not security,
I see time pass,
Envison insecurities stilled,
Empty bottles, Concentrated liquor,
Attach on it a hefty fee…

I look at this need, and I see lack,
I see presence,
With relatively great absence,
See, I see a drunk man
I well tears, I sink them deep….

I see exposure and see vision,
To the wrong things;
wrong direction…
I see profits, I see dreams,
I see thriving business;
Everytime i see a bottled man

Every time I see an empty crate,
I see a father-less son,
I see a forgotten daughter,
I see an absentee husband…
A hungry father,
An overwhelmed son!
Am reminded of the cross!

Whenever I see a bottled man,
I see myself,
Drunk in my passions,
I see myself,
Lost, criss- crossed paths,
I see Him,
I see a friend!

Every time i see a drunk man,
I see sunshine,
I see the sunrise,
I see the Son Rise,
I see them shun rise,
I see dark lit up,

I see this,
Walking home, this man,
blubbering drunk,
I see this dirty man,
I see myself, I see my lost soul,

This hungry spirit,
Longing heart,
This beautiful soul; lost,
Wandering, Seeking, Adventuring!
I see belonging; in a lost state,
I see me,

Not less, a drunk man,
A lust filled man,
An angry man,
A man shunning shine!

So, I look at a drunk man,
And see a path afar,
See the gospel get chance;
To thrive!

So when i see a drunk man,
I sing, I sing
Reminded salvation has come,
I sing, Ising,
These prayerful tears,
Intercessory chants,
I sing my faith, to change another,
I see a garden, anxious of seeds!

So scatter us like seeds,
Everytime we see drunk men,
We sore,
We see hungry soil,
We feed it seeds!

Then i see Mercy,
I see Love, I see Life,
I see Holy, I see Sufficiency,
I see Safe, I see my Retreat,
I see my Fulfilment,

I see Forgiveness,
I see Him love me,
I see Restoration.
I see God!

So everytime,
I see a bottled man,
I see the Son Rise,
I see, Him say;
“It is Finished!”

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